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Whylder Mills was founded so I could follow my passion in life - making things. I make things that are a little bit different [like me] and unique [like you].


In my little workshop in Sheffield I create captivating jewellery & accessories that are colourful, bold, fun and all one of a kind. Each piece I make is made from resin which I combine with metals, woods and other natural or found materials.


I fell in love with resin many moons ago because of the endless possibilities it presents. It is such a versatile material that both excites and challenges me as an artist. In my work I explore shape and form to create statement pieces. Finding inspiration from nature, geometry, texture and patterns; each piece has an infusion of mesmerizing colour. My formal training in Metalwork, Jewellery & Applied Arts is put to good use in creating fashion forward costume jewellery and everyday accessories with unique details.


Most of my work can be customised to you + your favourite colours, just drop me a message and we'll come up with something awesome! You can also visit my Etsy shop.

Follow & support my creative practice over on Patreon. Gain access to exclusive content, discounts & the chance to treat yourself to some unique samples and seconds. 

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C A R E 


Each Whylder Mills piece is lovingly handcrafted from polyester resin - a solid / liquid synthetic organic polymer.

Due to the material processes, marks and bubbles may appear, which only add to the individual beauty of each piece.


Resin is strong and durable and should be treated like a ceramic, as it can break if dropped or knocked against a hard surface. 

To keep your polished resin piece in great condition, simply wipe with a clean, dry cloth.


All earring posts are Stainless Steel [Lead and Nickel Free] with Silicone backs.

Custom Sterling Silver posts are available upon request.

All rings are adjustable plated brass.

Necklace chains are plated iron

[Lead and Nickel Free] with bolt clasps.


As with all jewellery, we recommend taking off your jewellery when in the bath, shower or swimming.


Check out wholesale options here:

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